“The Teenage Lockdown Diaries” turns the spotlight on ‘lockdown teens’ during times of restrictions due to COVID-19: their carefully curated spaces, personal coping strategies, moments of Weltschmerz and hope. The result is a DIY-collage: a sneak peek through the cracked door of four teenagers’ rooms.

Ghosting the City – Zooming in on Otherwise Publics in Virtual Worlds

During the pandemic, the public coming-together of differences has ghosted the city. Follow us on a performative ghost hunt, from invisible backyards and shadow kitchens, feeding an urban infrastructure, to the ghost work done on the remote shores of Lisbon. Join us in questioning controlling codes that privately aim to predefine urban futures; and in discovering the resistive fights for liberation in its ghosted cracks, in (virtual) otherwise worlds.

Let’s Play House! – Ein Atlas des Wohnens

Im Kontext des Jahresthemas „Let’s Play House“ im Studienprogramm Urban Design an der HafenCity Universität Hamburg wird Fragen nach der Diskrepanz zwischen gelebtem und gebautem Raum, dessen Wahrnehmung sowie der gesellschaftlichen Reproduktion der Praktik des Wohnens nachgegangen.