SORRY [not sorry] – we tracked you, down the road, along the river, the through all the nightlife people to your house, we even know what you eat. Sorry we mapped you. XOXO Surveillance Capitalism

WE [the power of the collective] – are together, looking out for each other, standing by each other, supporting each other, listening to each other, being there for each other, constructively criticizing and celebrating each other. Together, we are stronger. Stronger than the power of those who want to devide us.

MAPPED [Geografien des (gegenseitigen) Geotaggings] – We are being mapped, traced, tracked all of the time, 24/7, through screens and streets. What if we mapped those who constantly map us? An attempt to geolocate Tech-Giants of our times. The user is watching you, too.

YOU – are more than just you. You are one of many species. Nature is not just a warehouse of human resources. And you don’t have to be a warehouse of data for others. Take care of yourself and your surrounding.

Where is… Akteurinnen für urbanen Ungehorsam?

Vorgeschlagene Zitierweise:
Akteurinnen für urbanen Ungehorsam (2022): SORRY, WE MAPPED YOU. In: Mapping Stories. Feministische Geo-RundMail, Nr. 89.

Feministische Geo-RundMail

Akteurinnen für urbanen Ungehorsam